Please note I do intend for this blog to be mainly about systems thinking, organisational dynamics and worky things, and not usually about me-me-me, but it is also a vanity project and a therapy to write about things which are on my mind. This post is nothing to do with systems thinking and not much to do with work.

For the phenomenon I am about to describe, I am forever indebted to my sometime colleague JC for giving it a name.

I had a crappy time this afternoon, for reasons I will not go into because I always swore when I started this that I would not be using it to bitch about people. Anyway, crappy time = crappy mood.

Do you remember what it felt like being Teenage You?

Maybe you still are one, maybe you still have moments of teenage angst, maybe you sometimes wish things were so simple and responsibility-free.I definitely do not wish to be Teenage Me ever again but there were some things that Teenage Me did, quite unselfconsciously, that are still useful today. Yes, breathing and eating are two, but so is this…

It is called a Kitchen Floor Reset. So-named by JC, describing her teenage self coming home from school/youth club and collapsing in floods of tears wailing something like: “oh I love him so much, why won’t he notice me, and now he’s going out with Julie/Karen/Cheryl, and she’s such a cow and I’ll love him forever, boo hoo, sob sob”. Then sinking to kitchen floor and lying on cold hard tiles in a messy heap for ten minutes. Eventually running out of sobs and unable to even force out new tears… and suddenly getting up, feeling fine, realising life goes on. It really does, dammit!

Back to me…

After dinner, still wading through mental crap, I suddenly noticed how comfy it felt to be semi-reclining comme les Romans, and draped sideways alongside the table. It seemed like a good idea to take this postural floppiness a stage further and I ended up laid across three hard dining chairs, half-hidden by the table and gazing mindlessly at the world, thinking “sod you” to the clearing of the dishes, tidying of the kitchen, and the thing that put me In A Mood in the first place.

There is something magic about being unexpectedly relaxed on an uncomfortable hard surface that seems to clear the mind. Draped horizontally at knee height, quite literally viewing the world from a different perspective, is far more therapeutic than you could imagine from my meagre description here. My crappy mood just kind of fell away. In five minutes I was up again and feeling miles better. Life goes on.

Hurrah for the Kitchen Floor Reset.

Next time: gazing at the stars, not my navel.


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