This Is Me: I am a keyboard-rattling battery hen working in the public sector, trying to add something worthwhile to my organisation despite feeling caged and constrained by others’ beliefs about what’s important. I am also a faithful taxpayer (hmmm… As if I have a choice), and can’t help but measure my every day “work” against whether I would have paid me to do such tasks.

Writing this blog is my way of helping me to understand and put into perspective things that have happened. That’s probably not the most original reason for blogging but perhaps as I go along I will realise that there is a better one just waiting to be found.

Disclaimer, aka Idiot’s Clause: I should add that none of this is meant to be taken as some deity’s gospel truth. It is all merely my own views, not my organisation’s, not my department’s, just mine. I’m not writing a dissertation, just a blog. I notice things, and in print I try to articulate stuff which might be useful to me or to others in the future.

I realise that my Useful is not going to be everyone’s Useful. For instance the other day, I was driving behind a rusty brown lorry with “Swindon Skips: Recycling for a better future” emblazoned on the back. Whilst it drove along, it shed a generous amount of scrap paper in its wake; a veritable confetti of post-consumer waste. Ha, I thought, you’re not “Recycling for a better future”, more like “Littering for a worse present”. That’ll tell ‘em. I chortled to myself for the rest of the journey at my Pooterish wit and vowed to make a note of this for later.



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