Why fog

Why fog?

On a bad day, the metaphorical knitting of fog is all my job seems to contain. I don’t make anything tangible or useful, I don’t improve people’s wellbeing or safety, I don’t feel like I even help others in my organisation who are engaged in the real work (of enhancing the public’s wellbeing and safety).

This fog-knitting existential crisis reached its nadir when I was engaged in a team task aligning a set of old/current delivery plans to another, new set of delivery plans and objectives. Remember, this is the public sector, so when I say “delivery plans” I don’t mean street maps which usefully show how to take an item from A to B; I mean words on paper describing activities which someone thought would help demonstrate better services.

It was the most disagreeable work task I have had to undertake in living memory. In an email exchange with thinkpurpose, I described my response to the torment as follows:

I am fairly sure that my current ‘meh’ attitude to (some of) the tasks is interpreted by my management as boredom or beneath-me-ness, when really it’s a quiet protest about how utterly pointless and valueless it is. Knitting fog doesn’t even begin to describe its meaningless futility… however it does still pay the mortgage, and if it’s worthless then it’s certainly a) not my fault, and b) not seen that way by the bosses. (This is both the problem, and the salve).

Thinkpurpose (who clearly knows a bit about writing) suggested I use blogging as an outlet for this torment, and this is the result.

In other words, this has nothing whatsoever to do with knitting. Or meteorology.


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